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Name Abstract Version View
App::PerlWatcher::Backend The base role to which provides event loop (AnyEvent, PE, Gtk, KDE etc.) 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Describable The base role for providing description for UI 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Engine Creates Watchers and lets them notify Frontend with their's Statuses 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::EventItem Used to store event items (file lines, rss news headers and so on). 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Frontend The base role to which will be notified of updated watcher statuses. 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Level Represents severity with corresponding metrics e.g. level_info < level_alert 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Levels Creates constants pool for all available levels for application 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Memorizable The base role to allow class to have 'memory' attributebrowser 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Memory Represents memory, which can be persisted (detached) for it's owner 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Openable The base role to allow item to be openable in system browser 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Shelf Used to stash (store) statuses for further detection weather they has been changed. 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Status Represents the result of single watcher poll 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Util::Bootstrap Collection of various helper-methods to boostrap PerlWatcher 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Util::Storable Used to freeze/thaw PerlWatcher status (watcher memories and shelf of statuses) 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Watcher Observes some external source of events and emits the result of polling them 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Watcher::GenericExecutor Watches for the output of execution of arbitrary command. 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Watcher::HTTP The base role for watching external events via HTTP 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Watcher::HTTPSimple The simple HTTP watcher, where actual http responce body is been processed by closure 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Watcher::Ping Watches for host availablity via pingig it (ICMP) or knoking to it's port (TCP) 0.20 metacpan
App::PerlWatcher::Watcher::Weather Weather watches based around Currenlty monitors only temperature and does no any notifications / level alerts. 0.20 metacpan

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