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Most probably CPANTS databases are being regenerated from scratch due to major changes in Kwalitee metrics or updates of relevant modules/perl. Usually this maintenance takes about a day or two, and some of the information may be old or missing tentatively. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Name Abstract Version View
App::Zapzi store articles and publish them to read later 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Articles routines to access Zapzi articles 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Config routines to access Zapzi configuration 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Database database access for Zapzi 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Database::Schema database schema for zapzi 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Database::Schema::Article zapzi article table 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Database::Schema::ArticleText zapzi article_text table 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Database::Schema::Config zapzi config table 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Database::Schema::Folder zapzi folder table 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Distribute distribute published eBooks to a destination 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Distributors::Copy distribute a published eBook by copying the file somewhere 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Distributors::Email distribute a published eBook by sending an email 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Distributors::Script distribute a published eBook by running a script 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::FetchArticle routines to get articles for Zapzi 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Fetchers::File fetch article from a file 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Fetchers::POD fetch article from a named POD module 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Fetchers::URL fetch article via URL 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Folders routines to access Zapzi folders 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Publish create eBooks from Zapzi articles 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Publishers::EPUB publishes articles to a EPUB eBook file 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Publishers::HTML publishes articles to a HTML file 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Publishers::MOBI publishes articles to a MOBI eBook file 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Roles::Distributor role definition for distributor modules 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Roles::Fetcher role definition for fetcher modules 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Roles::Publisher role definition for publisher modules 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Roles::Transformer role definition for transformer modules 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Transform routines to transform Zapzi articles to readable HTML 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Transformers::HTML process HTML without doing readability transforms 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Transformers::HTMLExtractMain transform text using HTMLExtractMain 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Transformers::POD transform POD to HTML 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Transformers::TextMarkdown transform text using Markdown 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::Transformers::_Default default text transformer 0.017 metacpan
App::Zapzi::UserConfig get and set user configurable variables 0.017 metacpan

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