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Most probably CPANTS databases are being regenerated from scratch due to major changes in Kwalitee metrics or updates of relevant modules/perl. Usually this maintenance takes about a day or two, and some of the information may be old or missing tentatively. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ask the owner of the distribution (the one who released it first, or the one who is designated in x_authority) to give you a (co-)maintainer's permission.


  • Class::Scaffold
  • Class::Scaffold::Accessor
  • Class::Scaffold::App
  • Class::Scaffold::App::CommandLine
  • Class::Scaffold::App::Test
  • Class::Scaffold::App::Test::Classes
  • Class::Scaffold::App::Test::YAMLDriven
  • Class::Scaffold::Base
  • Class::Scaffold::Base_TEST
  • Class::Scaffold::BusinessObject
  • Class::Scaffold::Context
  • Class::Scaffold::Delegate::Mixin
  • Class::Scaffold::Environment
  • Class::Scaffold::Environment_TEST
  • Class::Scaffold::Exception
  • Class::Scaffold::Exception::Business
  • Class::Scaffold::Exception::Container
  • Class::Scaffold::Exception::Loader
  • Class::Scaffold::Exception::NoSuchFactoryHandler
  • Class::Scaffold::Exception::Util
  • Class::Scaffold::Factory
  • Class::Scaffold::Factory::Type
  • Class::Scaffold::HierarchicalDirty
  • Class::Scaffold::Introspect
  • Class::Scaffold::Log
  • Class::Scaffold::Log_TEST
  • Class::Scaffold::Storable
  • Class::Scaffold::Storable_TEST
  • Class::Scaffold::Storable_TEST::x001
  • Class::Scaffold::Test
  • Class::Scaffold::Test::Inherited
  • Class::Scaffold::Util
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Array
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Constant
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Environment
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Exception
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::ExceptionContainer
  • Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Hash


Name Abstract Version View
Class::Scaffold Large-scale OOP application support 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Accessor Construct framework-specific accessors 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::App Base class for framework applications 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::App::CommandLine Base class for command line-based framework applications 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::App::Test Base class for test programs 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::App::Test::Class Base class for Test::Class-based test programs 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::App::Test::Classes Base class for companion test classes 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::App::Test::YAMLDriven Base class for YAML-driven test programs 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Base Base class for all classes of the class framework. 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Base_TEST Test companion class for the general base class 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::BusinessObject Base class for framework business objects 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::ConstantImporter Import environment constants as simple functions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Context Holds execution and job context 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Delegate::Mixin Mixin that provides access to the framework environment 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Environment Base class for framework environment classes 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Environment_TEST Companion test class for the framework environment base class 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Exception Base class for framework exceptions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Business Differentiate business exceptions from internal exceptions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Container Implements a container object for exceptions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Loader Exception raised when a class cannot be loaded 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Exception::NoSuchFactoryHandler Exception raised on a factory look-up failure 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Exception::Util Helper functions for raising common exceptions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Factory Base class for framework factories 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Factory::Type Factory for framework object types 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::HierarchicalDirty Mixin that multiplexes the dirty flag among its subobjects 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Introspect Find configuration files within the framework 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::LazyString Provides a string that is evaluated lazily 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::LazyString::Code 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Log Logging utilities 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Log_TEST Companion test class for the log class 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Storable Base class for all framework classes that support a storage. 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Storable_TEST Companion test class for the storable base class 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Storable_TEST::x001 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Test Base classes for framework test classes 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Test::Inherited Base class for tests shared between framework distributions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Test::UtilLoader Load other classes necessary for tests 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::Util Exports various useful functions 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active Base class for YAML::Active plugins 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Array Base class for array-based YAML::Active plugins 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Constant Plugin to get framework environment constants 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Environment Plugin for setting environment values 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Exception Plugin for recording an exception for a test 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::ExceptionContainer Plugin that constructs an exception container 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Active::Hash Base class for hash-based YAML::Active plugins 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall Base class for marshalling plugins to YAML 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::Concat Marshalling plugin to join array elements to a string 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::Constant Marshalling plugin to get framework environment constants 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::ExceptionContainer Marshalling plugin that constructs an exception container 1.102280 metacpan
Class::Scaffold::YAML::Marshall::PID Marshalling plugin to get the current process id 1.102280 metacpan

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