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Name Abstract Version View
Giddy Schema-less, versioned media/document database based on Git. 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Collection A Giddy collection. 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Collection::InMemory An in-memory collection (result of queries). 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Database A Giddy database. 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Role::DocumentLoader Provides document loading methods for Giddy::Collection 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Role::DocumentMatcher Provides query parsing and document matching for Giddy::Collection 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Role::DocumentStorer Provides document storing for Giddy::Collection 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Role::DocumentUpdater Provides document updating for Giddy::Collection 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Role::PathAnalyzer Provides common path analysis methods to Giddy::Database 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::Role::PathMaker Provides file and directory creation for Giddy::Database 0.013_001 metacpan
Giddy::StaticDirectory A Giddy directory of static files. 0.013_001 metacpan

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