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Error: TPath-1.007/lib/TPath/Index.pm -- Around line 180: Unknown directive: =attribute


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Error: TPath, TPath::AttributeTest


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Error: TPath, TPath::AttributeTest


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Name Abstract Version View
TPath general purpose path languages for trees 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Attribute handles evaluating an attribute for a particular node 1.007 metacpan
TPath::AttributeTest compares an attribute value to another value 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Attributes::Extended a collection of attributes beyond the standard set 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Attributes::Standard the standard collection of attributes available to any forester by default 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Compiler takes ASTs and returns compiled L<TPath::Expression> objects 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Concatenation handles the string concatenation in C<//@foo[1 ~ @bar ~ "quux"]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Context the context in which a node is evaluated during a search 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Expression a compiled TPath expression 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Forester a generator of TPath expressions for a particular class of nodes 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Function implements the functions in expressions such as C<//*[:abs(@foo) = 1]> and C<//*[:sqrt(@bar) == 2]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Grammar parses TPath expressions into ASTs 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Index tree-specific database 1.007 metacpan
TPath::LogStream role of log-like things 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Math handles the arithmetic in C<//foo[1 + @bar = @quux]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Numifiable role of things that evaluate to numbers 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Predicate interface of square bracket sub-expressions in TPath expressions 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Predicate::Attribute implements the C<[@foo]> in C<//a/b[@foo]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Predicate::AttributeTest implements the C<[@foo = 1]> in C<//a/b[@foo = 1]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Predicate::Boolean implements the C<[@foo or @bar ]> in C<//a/b[@foo or @bar]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Predicate::Expression implements the C<[c]> in C<//a/b[c]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Predicate::Index implements the C<[0]> in C<//a/b[0]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector an interface for classes that select nodes from a candidate collection 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Expression selector that handles the parenthesized portion of C<a(/foo|/bar)> and C<a(/foo|/bar)+>; also all of C<(//*)[0]> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Id C<TPath::Selector> that implements C<id(foo)> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Parent L<TPath::Selector> that implements C<..> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Predicated role of selectors that have predicates 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Previous C<TPath::Selector> that implements C<:p> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Quantified handles expressions like C<a?> and C<//foo*> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Self L<TPath::Selector> that implements C<.> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test role of selectors that apply some test to a node to select it 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::Anywhere handles C<//*> expression 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AnywhereAttribute handles C<//@foo> expression 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AnywhereMatch handles C<//~foo~> expression 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AnywhereTag handles C<//foo> expression 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AxisAttribute handles C</ancestor::@foo> or C</preceding::@foo> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<ancestor::@foo>, etc. 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AxisMatch handles C</ancestor::~foo~> or C</preceding::~foo~> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<ancestor::~foo~>, etc. 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AxisTag handles C</ancestor::foo> or C</preceding::foo> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<ancestor::foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::AxisWildcard handles C</ancestor::*> or C</preceding::*> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<ancestor::*>, etc. 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::ChildAttribute handles C</@foo> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<child::@foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::ChildMatch handles C</~foo~> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<child::~foo~> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::ChildTag handles C</foo> where this is not the first step in the path, or C<child::foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::ClosestAttribute handles C</E<gt>@foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::ClosestMatch handles C</E<gt>~foo~> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::ClosestTag handles C</E<gt>foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::Match role for all matching selectors 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Selector::Test::Root handles C<:root> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::StderrLog implementation of TPath::LogStream that simply prints to STDERR 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Stringifiable role requiring that a class have a to_string method 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test interface of conditional expressions in predicates 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::And implements logical conjunction of tests 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Boolean any empty role used to tag boolean TPath::Tests 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Compound role of TPath::Tests that combine multiple other tests under some boolean operator 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Node role for tests determining whether a node has some property 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Node::Attribute L<TPath::Test::Node> implementing attributes; e.g., C<//@foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Node::Complement L<TPath::Test::Node> implementing matching; e.g., C<//^~foo~>, C<//^foo>, and C<//^@foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Node::Match L<TPath::Test::Node> implementing matching; e.g., C<//~foo~> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Node::Tag L<TPath::Test::Node> implementing basic tag pattern; e.g., C<//foo> 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Node::True TPath::Test::Node implementing the wildcard; e.g., //* 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Not implements logical negation of a test 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::One implements logical function of tests which returns true iff only one test is true 1.007 metacpan
TPath::Test::Or implements logical disjunction of tests 1.007 metacpan
TPath::TypeCheck applies type constraint on nodes 1.007 metacpan
TPath::TypeConstraints assorted type constraints 1.007 metacpan

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