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W3C::SOAP::WADL The base object for WADL clients. 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document The representation of the WADL document 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Doc Container for WADL doc element 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Grammars Container for WADL grammars 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Link Container for WADL link elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Method Container for WADL method elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Option Container for WADL option elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Param Container for WADL param elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Representation Container for WADL representation elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Request Container for WADL request elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Resource Container for WADL resource elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::ResourceType Container for WADL resource type elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Resources Container for WADL resources elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Document::Response Container for WADL response elements 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Element Provides ability to map inputted request object to response object. 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Meta::Method Parameters needed for WADL operations. 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Parser Parses a WADL file and produces a client for calling the specified webservice. 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Traits Defines the extra attribute parameters for WADL parameters. 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::Utils WADL related utilities 0.007 metacpan
W3C::SOAP::WADL::XSD Container for WADL XSD includes 0.007 metacpan

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