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Name Abstract Version View
XML::LibXML Perl Binding for libxml2 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::AttributeHash tie an XML::LibXML::Element to a hash to access its attributes 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Boolean Boolean true/false values 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Common Constants and Character Encoding Routines 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Devel makes functions from LibXML.xs available 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::ErrNo Structured Errors This module is based on xmlerror.h libxml2 C header file. It defines symbolic constants for all libxml2 error codes. Currently libxml2 uses over 480 different error codes. See also XML::LibXML::Error. 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Error Structured Errors 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Literal Simple string values. 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::NodeList a list of XML document nodes 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Number Simple numeric values. 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::Reader XML::LibXML::Reader - interface to libxml2 pull parser 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::SAX XML::LibXML direct SAX parser 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::SAX::Builder Building DOM trees from SAX events. 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::SAX::Generator Generate SAX events from a LibXML tree 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser 2.0125 metacpan
XML::LibXML::XPathContext XPath Evaluation 2.0125 metacpan


Name File View
XML::LibXML::Attr LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::CDATASection LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Comment LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Document LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::DocumentFragment LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Dtd LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Element LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::InputCallback LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::NamedNodeMap LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Namespace LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Node LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::PI LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Pattern LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::RegExp LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::RelaxNG LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::SAX::AttributeNode lib/XML/LibXML/SAX/Generator.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Schema LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::Text LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::XPathExpression LibXML.pm metacpan
XML::LibXML::_SAXParser LibXML.pm metacpan

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