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Yakuake::Sessions Session Manager for the Yakuake Terminal Emulator v0.15.1 metacpan
Yakuake::Sessions::Base Attributes and methods for Yakuake session management v0.15.1 metacpan
Yakuake::Sessions::Config Attribute initialisation from configuration file v0.15.1 metacpan
Yakuake::Sessions::TraitFor::DBus Interface with DBus v0.15.1 metacpan
Yakuake::Sessions::TraitFor::FileData Dumps and loads session data v0.15.1 metacpan
Yakuake::Sessions::TraitFor::Management CRUD methods for session profiles v0.15.1 metacpan
Yakuake::Sessions::TraitFor::TabTitles Displays the tab title text v0.15.1 metacpan

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