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Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Name Abstract Version View
Dist::Zooky converts a distribution to Dist::Zilla 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::App Dist::Zooky's App::Cmd 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::App::Command::dist The one command that Dist::Zooky uses 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::App::Command::metafile The other command that Dist::Zooky uses 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::Core::FromMETA gather meta data from META files 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::Core::MakeMaker gather meta data for EUMM or M::I dists 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::Core::ModBuild gather meta data for Module::Build dists 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::DistIni Generates a Dist::Zilla dist.ini file 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::DistIni::MetaNoIndex Dist::Zooky DistIni plugin for MetaNoIndex 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::DistIni::Prereqs Dist::Zooky DistIni plugin to handle prereqs 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::DistIni::Resources Dist::Zooky DistIni plugin to write MetaResources 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::License license objects for Dist::Zooky 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::Role::Core role for core plugins 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::Role::DistIni role for DistIni plugins 0.24 metacpan
Dist::Zooky::Role::Meta Dist::Zooky role for meta parsing 0.24 metacpan

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