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Error: App-Sqitch-0.936/lib/sqitchcommands.pod -- Around line 20: =over without closing =back


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Error: App::Sqitch::Plan::ChangeList, App::Sqitch::Plan::LineList


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Name Abstract Version View
App::Sqitch Sane database change management 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command Sqitch Command support 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::add Add a new change to a Sqitch plan 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::bundle Bundle Sqitch changes for distribution 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::config Get and set local, user, or system Sqitch options 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::deploy Deploy Sqitch changes to a database 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::help Display help information about Sqitch 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::init Initialize a Sqitch project 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::log Show a database event log 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::revert Revert Sqitch changes from a database 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::rework Rework a Sqitch change 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::status Display status information about Sqitch 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Command::tag Add or list tags in a Sqitch plan 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Config Sqitch configuration management 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::DateTime Sqitch DateTime object 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Engine Sqitch Deployment Engine 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Engine::pg Sqitch PostgreSQL Engine 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Engine::sqlite Sqitch SQLite Engine 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan Sqitch Deployment Plan 0.936 metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Blank Sqitch deployment plan blank line metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Change Sqitch deployment plan tag metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::ChangeList Sqitch deployment plan change list metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Depend Sqitch dependency specification metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Line Sqitch deployment plan line metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::LineList Sqitch deployment plan line list metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Pragma metacpan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Tag Sqitch deployment plan tag metacpan
App::Sqitch::X Sqitch Exception class 0.936 metacpan

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