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Error: Google-RestApi-0.4/lib/Google/RestApi/Auth/ -- Around line 208: You can't have =items (as at line 222) unless the first thing after the =over is an =item


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Name Abstract Version View
Google::RestApi Connection to Google REST APIs (currently Drive and Sheets). 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::Auth Base class for authorization for Google Rest APIs 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::Auth::OAuth2Client OAuth2 support for Google Rest APIs 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::Auth::ServiceAccount Service Account support for Google Rest APIs 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::DriveApi3 API to Google Drive API V3. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::DriveApi3::File File object for Google Drive. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4 API to Google Sheets API V4. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Range Represents a range in a Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Range::All Represents an the Range of an entire Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Range::Cell Represents a cell within a Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Range::Col Represents a column within a Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Range::Iterator An iterator for an arbitrary Range. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Range::Row Represents a row within a Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::RangeGroup Represents a group of ranges in a Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::RangeGroup::Iterator An iterator for a group of Ranges. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::RangeGroup::Tie Makes Ranges addressible via a hash key. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::RangeGroup::Tie::Iterator An iterator for tied Ranges. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Request A base class to build Google API's batchRequest. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Request::Spreadsheet Build Google API's batchRequests for a Spreadsheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Request::Spreadsheet::Worksheet Build Google API's batchRequests for a Worksheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Request::Spreadsheet::Worksheet::Range Build Google API's batchRequests for a Range. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Spreadsheet Represents a Google Spreadsheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::SheetsApi4::Worksheet Represents a Worksheet within a Google Spreadsheet. 0.4 metacpan
Google::RestApi::Utils 0.4 metacpan

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