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Name Abstract Version View
App::Hachero a plaggable log analyzing framework 0.13 metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Analyze::AccessCount simple analyzer for App::Hachero metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Analyze::URI simple URI analyzer for App::Hachero metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Analyze::UserAgent simple analyzer for App::Hachero metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Base base class of plugin for App::Hachero metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Classify::Robot plugin that marks robot request metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Classify::UserAgent sets useragent information for the request metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Fetch::FTP fetchs logs from FTP server metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Fetch::Gunzip gunzips '*.gz' files in work_path metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Fetch::S3 fetchs logs from S3 metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Filter::AccessTime excludes requests in specified time metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Filter::URI includes/excludes requests in specified uri metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Input::FTP reads logs from FTP server (somehow directly) metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Input::File reads logs from specified direcotry metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Input::Stdin reads logs from STDIN metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Output::CSV Outputs result to STDOUT as CSV metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Output::DBIC writes results to databases via DBIx::Class metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Output::Dump dumps result to STDOUT (for debug) metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Output::TT writes results via template toolkit metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::OutputLine::HadoopMap outputs results with hadoop format metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Parse::Common parses common apache logs metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Parse::HadoopReduce parses line from A::H::P::OutputLine::HadoopMap metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Parse::Normalize normalizes request informations set by Parse::Common metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Summarize::NarrowDown cuts up and sorts results metacpan
App::Hachero::Plugin::Summarize::Scraper gets title or something via Web::Scraper metacpan
App::Hachero::Result represents a series of result of App::Hachero metacpan
App::Hachero::Result::Data a class to store analyzed data of Hachero metacpan
App::Hachero::Result::PrimaryPerInstance represents a series of result of App::Hachero metacpan

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