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Name Abstract Version View
App::LDAP CLI tool providing common manipulation on LDAP servers 0.001002 metacpan
App::LDAP::Command metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Add metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Add::Group metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Add::Host metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Add::Ou the handler for adding Organization Units metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Add::Sudoer metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Add::User handler for adding users metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Del metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Del::Group metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Del::Host metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Del::Ou the handler for deleting Organization Units metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Del::Sudoer metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Del::User metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Export metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Help metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Import metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Init setup the prerequisites needed by App::LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Migrate metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Migrate::Group metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Migrate::Host metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Migrate::Sudoer metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Migrate::User metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Passwd manage the password in LDAP server metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Search metacpan
App::LDAP::Command::Version metacpan
App::LDAP::Config loader of config files metacpan
App::LDAP::Connection Singleton of Net::LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::LDIF base class of models in App::LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::LDIF::Group the representation of groups in LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::LDIF::Host the representation of hosts in LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::LDIF::OrgUnit the representation of organization unit in LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::LDIF::Sudoer the representation of sudoers in LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::LDIF::User the representation of users in LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::Device schema of device metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::InetOrgPerson schema of inetOrgPerson metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::IpHost schema of ipHost metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::OrganizationalPerson schema of organizationalPerson metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::OrganizationalUnit schema of organizationalUnit metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::Person schema of person metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::PosixAccount schema of posixAccount metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::PosixGroup schema of posixGroup metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::ShadowAccount schema of shadowAccount metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::SudoRole schema of sudoRole metacpan
App::LDAP::ObjectClass::Top schema of top metacpan
App::LDAP::Role base of all roles in App::LDAP metacpan
App::LDAP::Role::Bindable make a command itself bindable to a LDAP server metacpan
App::LDAP::Role::Command make a class act as a command metacpan
App::LDAP::Role::FromEntry metacpan
App::LDAP::Role::Stem A stem command shows its submodules metacpan
App::LDAP::Secret loader of secret file metacpan

Other Files

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MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan metacpan