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Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
App::Munchies Catalyst example application using food recipes as a data set v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Admin Subroutines that run as the super user v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::CLI Subroutines accessed from the command line v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Controller::Admin Cross application administrative functions v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Controller::Entrance Welcome to this application framework v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Controller::Library A server side bookmark manager and food recipe database v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Controller::Library::Admin Manage server side bookmarks database v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Controller::Library::Catalog Server side bookmarks v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Controller::Library::Recipes Food recipe management v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::MealMaster Domain model for food recipes stored in MMF format v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::MealMaster::KinoSearch Text search model for food recipes in MMF format v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Model::Authentication Database authentication class v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Model::Catalog Manipulate the library catalog database v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Model::DemoText Demonstration model v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Model::MealMaster Manipulate food recipes stored in MMF format v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema Command line database utility methods v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Authentication Schema base class v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Authentication::Roles Class definition for the roles table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Authentication::UserRoles Class definition for the user_roles table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Authentication::Users Class definitions for the users table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Base Component base class v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Catalog Schema base class v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Catalog::Result::Links Class definition for the links table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Catalog::Result::Names Class definition for the names table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Catalog::Result::Nodes Class definition for the nodes table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Catalog::ResultSet::Links Canned queries against the links table v0.7.1318 metacpan
App::Munchies::Schema::Catalog::ResultSet::Nodes Canned queries against the nodes table v0.7.1318 metacpan

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