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Name Abstract Version View
Authen::NZigovt Tools for integrating with the New Zealand igovt logon service (now "RealMe") 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::AuthenRequest Generate a SAML2 AuthenRequest message 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::IdentityProvider Class representing the NZ igovt Identity Provider 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::LogonStrength Manipulate NZ igovt logon service AuthnContextClassRef values 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::ResolutionRequest Generate a SOAP request for resolving an artifact to an FLT 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::ResolutionResponse Encapsulates the response from the IdP to the artifact resolution request 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::ServiceProvider Class representing the local SAML2 Service Provider 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::ServiceProvider::Builder interactively create/edit Service Provider metadata 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::ServiceProvider::CertFactory generate certificates or CSRs 1.08 metacpan
Authen::NZigovt::XMLSig XML digital signature generation/verification 1.08 metacpan

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