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Name Abstract Version View
Elive Elluminate Live! Manager (ELM) Command Toolkit bindings 1.37 metacpan
Elive::Connection Manage Elluminate Live SOAP connections. 1.37 metacpan
Elive::Connection::SDK Manage Elluminate Live SDK SOAP connections. metacpan
Elive::DAO Abstract class for Elive Data Access Objects 1.37 metacpan
Elive::DAO::Array Base class for arrays metacpan
Elive::DAO::Singleton Singleton mixin class metacpan
Elive::DAO::_Base Base class for DAO objects metacpan
Elive::Entity Base class for Elive Entities 1.37 metacpan
Elive::Entity::Group Elluminate Group entity instance class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Group::Members Group Members entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::InvitedGuest Invited Guest entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Meeting Elluminate Meeting instance class metacpan
Elive::Entity::MeetingParameters Meeting parameters entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Participant A Single Meeting Participant metacpan
Elive::Entity::ParticipantList Meeting Participants entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Participants A list of participants metacpan
Elive::Entity::Preload Elluminate Preload instance class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Preloads List of Preloads metacpan
Elive::Entity::Recording Elluminate Recording Entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Report Elluminate Report entity instance class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Role Elluminate Role entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::ServerDetails Server Details entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::ServerParameters Meeting server parameters entity class metacpan
Elive::Entity::Session Session insert/update via ELM 3.x commands metacpan
Elive::Entity::User Elluminate Users entity class metacpan
Elive::Util Utility functions for Elive 1.37 metacpan
Elive::Util::Type Type introspection class 1.37 metacpan
Elive::View::Session Session view and insert/update via ELM 2.x metacpan

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