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Name Abstract Version View
Entities User management and authorization for web applications and subscription-based services. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Action A piece of code/functionality that a user entity can perform. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Backend A role providing storage for the Entities user-management/authorization system. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Backend::Memory A simple backend that stores all data in memory, for testing and development purposes. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Backend::MongoDB Stores all Entities data in a MongoDB database. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Customer An abstract entity that owns users and subscribes to plans. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Feature A certain functionality, or just plan feature, that customers can use. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Plan A collection of features (possibly scoped and limited) customers can subscribe to. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::Role A collection of possibly related actions granted to users. 0.5 metacpan
Entities::User A user entity that interacts with a web application. 0.5 metacpan

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