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File::Dir::Dumper dump directory structures' meta-data in a consistent and machine-readable way. v0.0.11 metacpan
File::Dir::Dumper::App a command line app-implemented as a class to do the dumping. v0.0.11 metacpan
File::Dir::Dumper::Base base class for File::Dir::Dumper. B<for internal use> v0.0.11 metacpan
File::Dir::Dumper::Scanner scans a directory and returns a stream of Perl hash-refs v0.0.11 metacpan
File::Dir::Dumper::Stream::JSON::Reader reader for stream of JSON objects. v0.0.11 metacpan
File::Dir::Dumper::Stream::JSON::Writer writer for a stream of JSON data. v0.0.11 metacpan

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