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Games::LMSolve base class for LM-Solve solvers factories metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Alice driver for solving the Alice mazes. metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Base base class for puzzle solvers. v0.8.6 metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Input input class for LM-Solve metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Input::Scalar::FH metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Minotaur driver for solving the "Theseus and the Minotaur" mazes. metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Numbers driver for solving the number mazes. metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Plank::Base driver for solving the rectangular Plank puzzles metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Plank::Hex driver for solving the hex plank puzzles metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Registry the registry of all LM-Solve drivers. metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Tilt::Base base class for the tilt mazes' drivers. metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Tilt::Multi driver for solving the multiple-goal tilt mazes metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Tilt::RedBlue driver for solving the red blue tilt puzzles metacpan
Games::LMSolve::Tilt::Single driver for solving the single-goal tilt mazes metacpan

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