Under maintenance.

Most probably CPANTS databases are being regenerated from scratch due to major changes in Kwalitee metrics or updates of relevant modules/perl. Usually this maintenance takes about a day or two, and some of the information may be old or missing tentatively. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Name Abstract Version View
Games::Risk classical 'risk' board game 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::AI base class for all ais 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::AI::Blitzkrieg easy ai that does blitzkrieg attacks 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::AI::Dumb dumb ai that does nothing 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::AI::Hegemon ai that tries to conquer the world 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::App prisk's App::Cmd 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::App::Command base class for prisk sub-commands 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::App::Command::import import a map designed for other risk games 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::App::Command::play play a risk game 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Card map card 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Config prisk configuration 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Continent continent object 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Controller controller poe session for risk 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Country map country 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Deck pandemic card deck 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::ExtraMaps base class for exta maps 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::GUI gui multiplexer poe session 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::GUI::MoveArmies window to move armies 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::GUI::Startup startup window 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::I18n internationalization utilities for prisk 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Logger logging capacities for prisk 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Map map being played 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Map::Risk Risk board map 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Player risk player 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Point placeholder for a 2D point 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Resources utility module to load bundled resources 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Tk::About prisk about information 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Tk::Cards cards listing 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Tk::Continents continents information 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Tk::GameOver window used when game is over 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Tk::Help prisk manual window 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Tk::Main main prisk window 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Types various types used in the distribution 4.000 metacpan
Games::Risk::Utils various utilities for prisk 4.000 metacpan

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