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Add a META.yml to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Run a proper command ("make manifest" or "./Build manifest", maybe with a force option), or use a distribution builder to generate the MANIFEST. Or update MANIFEST manually.


  • MANIFEST (220) does not match dist (221):
  • Missing in MANIFEST: mksdiff-all


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: HH-Unispool-Config-0.3/lib/HH/Unispool/Config/ -- Around line 142: Expected '=item *'Around line 144: Expected '=item *'Around line 146: Expected '=item *'Around line 148: Expected '=item *'


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Define the license if you are using in Build.PL. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.31.


Name Abstract Version View
HH::Unispool::Config HollandHouse' UNISPOOL configuration 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::DateFormat UNISPOOL date format 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry Abstract class to group UNISPOOL config entries 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device Abstract class to group UNISPOOL device entries 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::0 UNISPOOL type 0 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::1 UNISPOOL type 1 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::2 UNISPOOL type 2 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::3 UNISPOOL type 3 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::4 UNISPOOL type 4 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::5 UNISPOOL type 5 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::6 UNISPOOL type 6 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Device::7 UNISPOOL type 7 device 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Filter UNISPOOL filter information 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::Numbered Abstract class to group numbered UNISPOOL config entries 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem Abstract class to group UNISPOOL remote system entries 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::3 UNISPOOL type 3 remote system 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::6 UNISPOOL type 6 remote system 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::7 UNISPOOL type 7 remote system 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::RemoteSystem::8 UNISPOOL type 8 remote system 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Entry::System Class to group remote systems and devices 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::ExecPri UNISPOOL execution priority 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token Abstract class for line string tokens from UNISPOOL config files 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment Abstract class for comment line string tokens from UNISPOOL config files 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Cs configuration server comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Date date comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Device device section comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Filter filter comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Group group section comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Head file head comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Misc miscelaneous section comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::NetDesc abstract network description comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::RSys remote system section comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Scope scope comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Comment::Tail file tail comment token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Factory token factory class 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered abstract class for numbered tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device abstract class for device I<D> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::0 device type C<0> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::1 device type C<1> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::2 device type C<2> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::3 device type C<3> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::4 device type C<4> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::5 device type C<5> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::6 device type C<6> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::7 device type C<7> device I<D> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::Group group device I<G> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::Info device info I<I> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Device::P device I<P> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::Network network I<N> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System abstract class for system I<S> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::3 system type C<3> system I<S> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::6 system type C<6> system I<S> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::7 system type C<7> system I<S> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::8 system type C<8> system I<S> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::System::Info system info I<I> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Numbered::X I<X> token 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered abstract class for unnumbered tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Bcs class for BCS I<B> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::CSN class for console message system I<L> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Cs class for CS I<C> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::CsBcs abstract class for CS/BCS tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Filter class for filter I<F> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Host class for host I<H> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Token::Unnumbered::Misc class for miscellaneous I<M> tokens 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::File::Tokenizer file tokenizer module 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::FilterType UNISPOOL filter type 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::OS UNISPOOL operating system 0.3 metacpan
HH::Unispool::Config::Scope UNISPOOL scope 0.3 metacpan

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