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Name Abstract Version View
HTTP::DAVServer allows you to write server-side functions to accept, process and respond to WebDAV client requests. WebDAV - RFC 2518 - is a protocol which allows clients to manipulate files on a remote server using HTTP. 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::AuthDigest Allows for customized password lookups when using the Digest authorization mechanism. 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::COPY Implements the COPY method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::DELETE Implements the DELETE method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::LOCK Implements the LOCK method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::MKCOL Implements the MKCOL method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::MOVE Implements the MOVE method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::OPTIONS Implements the OPTIONS method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::PROPFIND Implements the PROPFIND method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::PROPPATCH Implements the PROPPATCH method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::PUT Implements the PUT method 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::Respond Produces all response codes, headers and sends output to client 0.1 metacpan
HTTP::DAVServer::UNLOCK Implements the UNLOCK method 0.1 metacpan

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