Health-BFI-0.02 has the following 2 errors.

manifest_matches_dist["MANIFEST (14) does not match dist (13):","Missing in MANIFEST: ","Missing in Dist: SIGNATURE"]
valid_signatureWARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature! Primary key fingerprint: 93DF 4C80 6613 96FE 58BD FC14 F61C 5C15 E145 83A1 --- SIGNATURE Wed Aug 10 20:36:10 2011 +++ (current) Mon Apr 14 13:38:38 2014 @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ SHA1 9f51cc7c6b3ddece990dca0fa55bda3418065003 Build.PL SHA1 3052df4e25c4b0faec894f873df355541bc2d2db Changes -SHA1 637412efccb07a625513d664a49def50cdeb284a MANIFEST +SHA1 05a8aab55b12293e72ce185b8b4a16c06820c627 MANIFEST SHA1 7d20e4e840781030202bb045d5ab81b3fd1b68b0 MANIFEST.SKIP SHA1 292b3164db5e8835a8ebe9f21260cbc6c120fba3 META.yml SHA1 6cc4f390e897f935bc2c5f1f584bcf57c763e557 Makefile.PL ==> MISMATCHED content between SIGNATURE and distribution files! <==