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Mail::LMLM List of Mailing Lists Manager 0.6804 metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Object metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Render rendering backend for LMLM metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Render::HTML backend for rendering HTML. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Base the base class for the mailing list types. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Egroups mailing list type for YahooGroups. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Ezmlm mailing list type for ezmlm-based mailing lists. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::GoogleGroups mailing list type for Google groups mailing lists. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Listar mailing list type for Listar-based mailing lists. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Listserv mailing list type for listserv. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Mailman mailing list type for Mailman-based mailing lists. metacpan
Mail::LMLM::Types::Majordomo mailing list type for Majordomo-based mailing lists. metacpan

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