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MooseX::Clone Fine-grained cloning support for Moose objects. 0.06 metacpan
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Clone The attribute trait for deeply cloning attributes 0.06 metacpan
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Clone::Base 0.06 metacpan
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Clone::Std 0.06 metacpan
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Copy Simple copying of arrays and hashes for MooseX::Clone 0.06 metacpan
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::NoClone A trait for attributes that should not be copied while cloning 0.06 metacpan
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::StorableClone The attribute trait for deeply cloning attributes using Storable 0.06 metacpan

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