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List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml build_requires


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  • Test::EOL
  • Test::Spelling


Name Abstract Version View
MooseX::RemoteHelper adds an attribute name to represent remote naming 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::CompositeSerialization Serialize object recursively 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Attribute role applied to meta attribute 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Class meta class for immutable objects 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Role meta role 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Role::ApplicationToClass For Roles applied to Classes 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Role::ApplicationToRole For Roles applied to Roles 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Role::Composite called by MooseX::RemoteHelper::Meta::Trait::Role 0.001021 metacpan
MooseX::RemoteHelper::Types Types to help with things commonly needed by remotes 0.001021 metacpan
MooseY::RemoteHelper::MessagePart Base class for a part of a message 0.001021 metacpan
MooseY::RemoteHelper::Role::Client Commonly used attributes for remote facade's 0.001021 metacpan

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