Kwalitee Issues


Add a MANIFEST to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it (eg "make manifest" or "./Build manifest")


Add a META.yml to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add a README to the distribution. It should contain a quick description of your module and how to install it.


Run a proper command ("make manifest" or "./Build manifest", maybe with a force option), or use a distribution builder to generate the MANIFEST. Or update MANIFEST manually.

Error: Cannot find MANIFEST in dist.


Upgrade the bundled version of Module::Install to at least 0.89, but preferably to the most current release. Alternatively, you can switch to another build system / installer that does not suffer from this problem. (ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build both of which have their own set of problems.)


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: Solstice-1440/cgis/ -- Around line 39: =back without =over Solstice-1440/lib/Solstice/ -- Around line 357: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '•'. Assuming UTF-8


Remove the symlinks from the distribution.


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 1,110,1440,191,2061,2065,2253,2257,2263,2393,2412,2418,2425,2528,2543,2944,2998,3002,3155,3364,3365,3370,3374,3375,3382,3384,3385,3387,3395,3396,452,63,747,851,924


Add =head1 LICENSE and/or the proper text of the well-known license to the main module in your code.


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Define the license if you are using in Build.PL. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.31.


Fix the version numbers so that version::is_lax($version) returns true.


  • lib/Solstice/ HASH(0x79ea228)
  • lib/Solstice/CGI/ HASH(0x79ed0d0)


Name Abstract Version View
Solstice Solstice is a Web application development framework for Perl. Based on the MVC programming paradigm, it provides a sensible layout for Web applications that helps you write applications faster and with fewer mistakes. 1440 metacpan
Solstice::Application An object representing a Solstice application. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::AuthZ For making authorization queries about particular actions. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::AuthZ::Action Models a specfic action within an application. 3384 metacpan
Solstice::AuthZ::Factory metacpan
Solstice::AuthZ::Role Models a group of allowed/disallowed actions. 3384 metacpan
Solstice::AuthZManager For modifying the roles available within the Solstice framework. 3395 metacpan
Solstice::Button A model to hold the data for a Solstice button. 3370 metacpan
Solstice::Button::Flyout Models flyout buttons with nested actions. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Button::PopIn Create a DHTML-based popup. 3002 metacpan
Solstice::Button::PopUp Open a new browser window and launch an initial state in it. 3002 metacpan
Solstice::Button::Static A button pointing to a static, non-Solstice url. 3002 metacpan
Solstice::Button::Transition The standard button type, used to transition between two states. 3002 metacpan
Solstice::ButtonService A service that tracks what buttons have been created for a page. 3396 metacpan
Solstice::ButtonService::Memcached metacpan
Solstice::ButtonService::MySQL metacpan
Solstice::CGI For getting the CGI form parameters. metacpan
Solstice::CGI::FormError A form error object for Solstice. metacpan
Solstice::CGI::Upload metacpan
Solstice::Compiler::View Compiles a View and Template into a perl structure 2944 metacpan
Solstice::ConfigService Provides configuration info to the Solstice Framework. 2061 metacpan
Solstice::Configure Provides configuration info to the Solstice Framework 3374 metacpan
Solstice::ContentTypeService Provides mappings between content-types and icons, MIMEExtensions, etc. 2257 metacpan
Solstice::Controller A virtual superclass for constructing Solstice controllers. 3365 metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Application The super class for all application controllers. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Application::Auth metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Application::Main Controls the lifcycle of Solstice requests. 3375 metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Application::REST The Application controller for the REST 'cgi'. metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput Superclass for all of the Solstice-provided convienience widgets metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::DateTime Allows the manipulation of a Solstice::DateTime model 3155 metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::DateTime::YahooUI 3155 metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::EmailList metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::FileUpload::Multiple A controller for uploading a file metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::FileUpload::Single A controller for uploading a file metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::TextArea Collects form input from a <textarea> metacpan
Solstice::Controller::FormInput::TextInput Collects form input from a <textarea> metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Installer Controls the process on configuring a new Solstice install metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Redirect The controller for Redirect metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Remote The superclass for all AJAX-called controllers. metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Remote::SubsessionCheck Checks whether a given page is expired. metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Remote::UploadMeter Fetch progress data about a given file upload metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Resource::File::Download 452 metacpan
Solstice::Controller::Resource::File::Upload metacpan
Solstice::Cookie An interface for managing cookies in your solstice apps. metacpan
Solstice::Database Wrapper around DBI. 2998 metacpan
Solstice::DateTime Models a point in time. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::DateTime::Range Represents a range in time. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Dispatch Dispatches the current request to the appropriate application. metacpan
Solstice::Email Send email with a resonable amount of ease. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Encryption Solstice's standard two-way encryption library. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::ErrorHandler A superclass for application error handlers with lots of helpful methods. metacpan
Solstice::Factory metacpan
Solstice::Factory::AuthZ::Role metacpan
Solstice::Factory::AuthZManager metacpan
Solstice::Factory::Group Has the ability to create group objects. metacpan
Solstice::Factory::Group::Remote Has the ability to create remote group objects. metacpan
Solstice::Factory::Person metacpan
Solstice::Factory::Resource::File::BlackBox metacpan
Solstice::Group Manages sets of people 2253 metacpan
Solstice::Group::Remote Model of groups who sync from a remote source. 2253 metacpan
Solstice::HelpService A service for building a queue of text strings 3364 metacpan
Solstice::IconService Gives access to a library of icons. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::ImplementationData Tracks data for one implementation of a tool. metacpan
Solstice::ImplementationManager Manages inter-app communication. metacpan
Solstice::IncludeService Used to include linked resources on a page, such as stylesheets and javascript. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::IntegerLibrary 2425 metacpan
Solstice::JavaScriptService Allows models at all levels to know whether the user's browser supports Javascript. 2061 metacpan
Solstice::LangService Provides strings of the appropriate language to applications. 2061 metacpan
Solstice::List A basic list object. 2065 metacpan
Solstice::LogService Provides a centralized logging facility to applications. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Logger Superclass model for dispatching log messages. 1 metacpan
Solstice::Logger::Database Dispatches a log message to a database 1 metacpan
Solstice::Logger::File Dispatches a log message to a file. 1 metacpan
Solstice::LoginRealm Represents a person login realm. 2253 metacpan
Solstice::Mailer Manage a queue of Solstice::Emails 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Memcached metacpan
Solstice::MessageService A service for sending all types of messages up a controller chain. 2528 metacpan
Solstice::Model 2393 metacpan
Solstice::Model::AdminList 110 metacpan
Solstice::Model::Config metacpan
Solstice::Model::Config::App metacpan
Solstice::Model::Config::Solstice metacpan
Solstice::Model::DBM_Deep An interface for DBM_Deep based models. 2393 metacpan
Solstice::Model::FileTicket An interface for fetching one time use tickets for files. metacpan
Solstice::Model::FileUploadMeter metacpan
Solstice::Model::Freezer An interface for freeze/thaw based models. 2393 metacpan
Solstice::Model::List Superclass for classes that need to be both a List and a Model. 2065 metacpan
Solstice::Model::LogMessage metacpan
Solstice::Model::WebserviceConsumer metacpan
Solstice::Model::X509 metacpan
Solstice::NamespaceService Used by the framework to discover the configuration namespace of the app it is currently running. metacpan
Solstice::NavigationService A service for all types of navigation up a controller chain. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::OnloadService Allows applications to attach Javascript events to the page's onload event. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Person Represents a person in the Solstice framework. 2253 metacpan
Solstice::PersonFactory 2253 metacpan
Solstice::PositionService Queueing and positioning info for collections of objects. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::PreferenceService Allows for the permanent storage of user preferences. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::ProcessService Manages the input and output of embedded pageflows. 2263 metacpan
Solstice::Resource A superclass for all Solstice::Resource objects. 851 metacpan
Solstice::Resource::Directory A model representing a directory 747 metacpan
Solstice::Resource::File A model representing a file 924 metacpan
Solstice::Resource::File::BlackBox A file implementation 924 metacpan
Solstice::Resource::File::Thumbnail 924 metacpan
Solstice::Search metacpan
Solstice::SearchField Represents one field a model defines in the search index. metacpan
Solstice::Server An interface between applications and the system solstice is running on. metacpan
Solstice::Server::Lighttpd metacpan
Solstice::Server::ModPerl Solstice's interface to mod_perl for Apache 1 and 2. metacpan
Solstice::Server::ModPerl::API An interface to mod_perl that abstracts the differences in versions. metacpan
Solstice::Server::ModPerl::CleanupHandler metacpan
Solstice::Server::ModPerl::UploadHandler Gathers data about file uploads. metacpan
Solstice::Server::SimpleCGI metacpan
Solstice::Service Superclass for all services. A service provides request-lifecycle-long caching of information. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Service::Debug A service for managing debug levels metacpan
Solstice::Service::FileContentExtractor Extract text content from a variety of file types. metacpan
Solstice::Service::LoginRealm Provides mapping between user login and login realm objects. metacpan
Solstice::Service::Memory For storing information that will last the lifetime of the mod_perl thread. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Service::TempFile 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Service::YahooUI A service for managing Yahoo UI javascript files. metacpan
Solstice::Session Manage a Solstice Tools session. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Session::Memcached metacpan
Solstice::Session::MySQL 3364 metacpan
Solstice::SortService Create the Solstice::Buttons necessary for managing a sortable table. metacpan
Solstice::Stack A basic stack object. 2065 metacpan
Solstice::State::FlowTransition Representation of the transition to a new page flow. metacpan
Solstice::State::Machine Representation of a finite state machine for Solstice. See Solstice::State::Tracker to run through a state machine. metacpan
Solstice::State::Memory An interface to some global memory where the all of the state information is stored. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::State::Node Representation for one State node inside of a Solstice::State::Machine. metacpan
Solstice::State::PageFlow Represents a set of transitions that flow a user through a graph of Solstice::State::Node objects. metacpan
Solstice::State::Tracker Tracks each users' progress through the state graph. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::State::Transition Representation of the transition between Solstice::State objects. metacpan
Solstice::StringLibrary A library of generic string manipulation functions 2418 metacpan
Solstice::StripScripts A subclass of HTML::StripScripts that contains our customized whitelists 3387 metacpan
Solstice::StripScripts::Parser Custom HTML whitelist for use in web content formatting. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::Subgroup Manages subsets of people. 2253 metacpan
Solstice::Subsession The Solstice implementation of the "continuation" concept. Allows branchable sessions. metacpan
Solstice::Subsession::Memcached metacpan
Solstice::Subsession::MySQL metacpan
Solstice::SystemMessage Models a message set by administrators to show all users. 110 metacpan
Solstice::SystemMessageFactory Creates groups of SystemMessages 110 metacpan
Solstice::Tree A basic tree object. 2412 metacpan
Solstice::UserService Provides access to the logged-in user. 3382 metacpan
Solstice::ValidationParam Interface for validating user input. metacpan
Solstice::View A superclass for constructing views. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::Application The application wide view (boilerplate) for a Solstice application. 3385 metacpan
Solstice::View::Boilerplate Superclass for boilerplate views. metacpan
Solstice::View::Breadcrumbs metacpan
Solstice::View::Config::App metacpan
Solstice::View::Config::Solstice metacpan
Solstice::View::DeniedBrowser View shown to users whose browser is in the blacklist. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::DeniedUser View shown to users whose browser is in the blacklist. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::Developer::Toolbar 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::Download Superclass for views that present binary or downloadable data instead of web content. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput 63 metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput::DateTime A view of a Solstice DateTime obj, showing a selection widget. 3155 metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput::DateTime::YahooUI 3155 metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput::EmailList A view of an html <textarea> element containing email addresses metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput::FileUpload::Multiple A view of an html file upload element 63 metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput::TextArea A view of an html <textarea> element 63 metacpan
Solstice::View::FormInput::TextInput A view of an html <input type="text"> element 63 metacpan
Solstice::View::Installer Controls the process on configuring a new Solstice install metacpan
Solstice::View::InvalidPreConditions A view shown when sanity checks fail and no fallback is designated. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::MessageService A banner view of messages. 2543 metacpan
Solstice::View::NoCookies shown to the user when they have no cookies allowed. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::PopIn View of a dynamically raised and positioned box. 3364 metacpan
Solstice::View::Redirect The view for Redirect metacpan
Solstice::View::Remote View of the XML response to AJAX calls. metacpan
Solstice::View::Resource::File::Download 191 metacpan
Solstice::View::Resource::File::Upload metacpan


Name File View
Solstice::List::Iterator lib/Solstice/ metacpan
Solstice::ModelTemplates lib/Solstice/ metacpan
Solstice::StringLibrary::ExtractText lib/Solstice/ metacpan
Solstice::StringLibrary::FormatText lib/Solstice/ metacpan
Solstice::ValidationParam::Constraints lib/Solstice/ metacpan

Other Files

Makefile.PL metacpan