Kwalitee Issues


Sign the dist as the last step before creating the archive. Take care not to modify/regenerate dist meta files or the manifest.

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Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.03,0.5,1,1.1


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Test::AskAnExpert Automatically test things that require Human Intelligence (by asking someone). 0.03 metacpan
Test::AskAnExpert::Interface the superclass of all L<Test::AskAnExpert> Interfaces 1 metacpan
Test::AskAnExpert::Interface::File File based human interface layer for Test::AskAnExpert 0.5 metacpan
Test::AskAnExpert::Interface::Mock Mock interface for testing Test::AskAnExpert 1.1 metacpan
Test::AskAnExpert::Question Data wrapper for Test::AskAnExpert questions 1 metacpan

Other Files

Build.PL metacpan
Changes metacpan
MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan
README metacpan