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Add a README to the distribution. It should contain a quick description of your module and how to install it.


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Text::Tradition a software model for a set of collated texts 2.001000 metacpan
Text::Tradition::Collation a software model for a text collation metacpan
Text::Tradition::Collation::Data metacpan
Text::Tradition::Collation::Reading represents a reading (usually a word) in a collation. metacpan
Text::Tradition::Collation::Relationship represents a syntactic or semantic relationship between two readings metacpan
Text::Tradition::Collation::RelationshipStore Keeps track of the relationships between readings in a given collation metacpan
Text::Tradition::Collation::RelationshipType describes a syntactic, semantic, etc. relationship that can be made between two readings metacpan
Text::Tradition::Datatypes custom Moose data types for the Tradition package metacpan
Text::Tradition::Error throwable error class for Tradition package metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::CTE metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::CollateX metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::GraphML metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::JSON metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::Self metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::TEI metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::Tabular metacpan
Text::Tradition::Parser::Util metacpan
Text::Tradition::Witness a manuscript witness to a text tradition metacpan


Name File View
installed lib/Text/Tradition/Collation/ metacpan

Other Files

MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan