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WWW::Google::Places Interface to Google Places API. 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::DetailResult Placeholder for detail Search Result for WWW::Google::Places. 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::Geometry Placeholder for 'geometry' of WWW::Google::Places::DetailResult. 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::Location Placeholder for lat/lng. 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::Params Placeholder for parameters for WWW::Google::Places 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::Review Represent 'review' of place. 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::Review::Aspect Represent 'review aspect' of place. 0.30 metacpan
WWW::Google::Places::SearchResult Placeholder for Search Result for WWW::Google::Places. 0.30 metacpan

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