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This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Name Abstract Version View
Xacobeo XPath (XML Path Language) visualizer. 0.15 metacpan
Xacobeo::Accessors Generate accessors/setters easily. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::App Application 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::Conf Application's configuration. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::Document An XML document and its related information. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::Error A simple wrapper over an error. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::GObject Build GObjects easily. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::I18n Utilities for internationalization (i18n). 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::Plugin Parent class for all plugins. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::Timer A custom made timer. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::UI::DomView DOM tree view 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::UI::SourceView Text editor that displays XML. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::UI::Statusbar Xacobeo's statusbar 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::UI::Window Main window of Xacobeo. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::UI::XPathEntry XPath text entry 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::Utils Utilities. 0 metacpan
Xacobeo::XS Functions rewritten in XS. 0 metacpan

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