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  • Class::Value
  • Class::Value::Boolean
  • Class::Value::DefaultNotify
  • Class::Value::Enum
  • Class::Value::Exception
  • Class::Value::Exception::Base
  • Class::Value::Exception::InvalidValue
  • Class::Value::Exception::NotWellFormedValue
  • Class::Value::Exception::UnsupportedOperation
  • Class::Value::Notify
  • Class::Value::String
  • Class::Value::Test


Name Abstract Version View
Class::Value Implements the Value Object Design Pattern 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Boolean A boolean value object 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::DefaultNotify Default notification delegate for value objects 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Enum An enumeration value object 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Exception Base class for value-related exceptions 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Exception::Base Base class for value exceptions 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Exception::InvalidValue An invalid value was set on a value object 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Exception::NotWellFormedValue A value that is not well-formed was set on a value object 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Exception::UnsupportedOperation An unsupported operation was performed on a value object 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Notify Base class for notification delegates 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::String String value object with length and character set checking 1.100840 metacpan
Class::Value::Test Base class for testing value objects 1.100840 metacpan

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