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Name Abstract Version View
Debian::AptContents parse/search through apt-file's Contents files 0.77 metacpan
Debian::Control manage Debian source package control files 0.77 metacpan
Debian::Control::FromCPAN fill F<debian/control> from unpacked CPAN distribution 0.77 metacpan
Debian::Control::Stanza single stanza of Debian source package control file 0.71 metacpan
Debian::Control::Stanza::Binary binary stanza of Debian source package control file 0.77 metacpan
Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated comma separated debian/control field abstraction 0.66 metacpan
Debian::Control::Stanza::Source source stanza of Debian source package control file 0.73 metacpan
Debian::Dependencies a list of Debian::Dependency objects 0.67 metacpan
Debian::Dependency dependency relationship between Debian packages 0.77 metacpan
Debian::DpkgLists scan /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list for files/patterns 0.71 metacpan
Debian::Rules handy manipulation of debian/rules 0.82 metacpan
Debian::WNPP::Bug handy representation of Debian WNPP bug reports 0.64 metacpan
Debian::WNPP::Query offline storage of Debian's work-needing package lists 0.74 metacpan
DhMakePerl create Debian source package from CPAN dist 0.89 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::Packaging common routines for 'make' and 'refresh' dh-make-perl commands 0.84 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::dump_config dh-make-perl dump-config implementation 0.65 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::help dh-make-perl help implementation 0.65 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::locate dh-make-perl locate implementation 0.81 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::make implementation of 'dh-make-perl make' 0.84 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::refresh dh-make-perl refresh implementation 0.84 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Command::refresh_cache dh-make-perl refresh-cache implementation 0.65 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Config dh-make-perl configuration class 0.77 metacpan
DhMakePerl::PodParser internal helper module for DhMakePerl 0.51 metacpan
DhMakePerl::Utils helper routines for dh-make-perl and alike 0.71 metacpan

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