Under maintenance.

Most probably CPANTS databases are being regenerated from scratch due to major changes in Kwalitee metrics or updates of relevant modules/perl. Usually this maintenance takes about a day or two, and some of the information may be old or missing tentatively. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Name Abstract Version View
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git update your git repository after release 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Check check your git repository before releasing 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Commit commit dirty files 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::CommitBuild checkin build results on separate branch 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::GatherDir gather all tracked files in a Git working directory 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Init initialize git repository on dzil new 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::NextVersion provide a version number by bumping the last git release tag 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Push push current branch 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Tag tag the new version 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Git all git plugins in one go 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::DirtyFiles provide the allow_dirty & changelog attributes 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::Repo Provide repository information for Git plugins 2.039 metacpan
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::StringFormatter Provide a String::Formatter for commit messages 2.039 metacpan

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