Kwalitee Issues


Use a proper tool to make a distribution. You might also need to fix META files if you keep them in the repository.

Error: Bio::Polloc


Add a Changelog (best named 'Changes') to the distribution. It should list at least major changes implemented in newer versions.


Remove all letters from the version number. If you want to mark a release as a developer release, use the scheme 'Module-1.00_01'


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/ -- Around line 44: Expected '=item *'Around line 77: Expected '=item *'Around line 137: Expected '=item *'Around line 164: Expected '=item *'Around line 168: Expected '=item *' Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/GroupCriteria/ -- Around line 15: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '# ...'. Assuming UTF-8 Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/ -- Around line 61: Expected '=item *'Around line 83: Expected '=item *'Around line 186: Expected '=item *'Around line 200: Expected '=item *'Around line 204: Expected '=item *'Around line 250: Expected '=item *'Around line 289: Expected '=item *'Around line 293: Expected '=item *'Around line 297: Expected '=item *'Around line 322: Expected '=item *'Around line 423: Expected '=item *'Around line 467: Expected '=item *'Around line 477: Expected '=item *'Around line 482: Expected '=item *'Around line 620: Expected '=item *'Around line 630: Expected '=item *'Around line 634: Expected '=item *'Around line 671: Expected '=item *'Around line 675: Expected '=item *'Around line 679: Expected '=item *'Around line 719: Expected '=item *'Around line 743: Expected '=item *'Around line 748: Expected '=item *'Around line 953: Expected '=item *'Around line 957: Expected '=item *'Around line 1079: Expected '=item *'Around line 1083: Expected '=item *' Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/Locus/ -- Around line 33: Expected '=item *'Around line 66: Expected '=item *'Around line 70: Expected '=item *'Around line 93: Expected '=item *'Around line 97: Expected '=item *'Around line 119: Expected '=item *'Around line 123: Expected '=item *'Around line 145: Expected '=item *' Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/Polloc/ -- Around line 62: Expected '=item *'Around line 97: Expected '=item *'Around line 174: Expected '=item *'Around line 196: Expected '=item *'Around line 230: Expected '=item *'Around line 240: Expected '=item *'Around line 264: Expected '=item *'Around line 278: Expected '=item *'Around line 339: Expected '=item *'Around line 358: Expected '=item *'Around line 404: Expected '=item *'Around line 408: Expected '=item *'Around line 434: Expected '=item *'Around line 438: Expected '=item *'Around line 473: Expected '=item *'Around line 559: Expected '=item *'Around line 610: Expected '=item *'Around line 684: Expected '=item *'Around line 750: Expected '=item *'Around line 792: Expected '=item *'Around line 797: Expected '=item *' Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/Rule/ -- Around line 57: Expected '=item *'Around line 67: Expected '=item *' Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/ -- Around line 48: Expected '=item *'Around line 66: Expected '=item *'Around line 70: Expected '=item *'Around line 126: Expected '=item *'Around line 135: Expected '=item *'Around line 140: Expected '=item *'Around line 177: Expected '=item *'Around line 182: Expected '=item *'Around line 211: Expected '=item *'Around line 215: Expected '=item *'Around line 219: Expected '=item *'Around line 223: Expected '=item *'Around line 252: Expected '=item *'Around line 256: Expected '=item *'Around line 260: Expected '=item *'Around line 289: Expected '=item *'Around line 293: Expected '=item *'Around line 316: Expected '=item *'Around line 320: Expected '=item *'Around line 324: Expected '=item *'Around line 359: Expected '=item *'Around line 384: Expected '=item *'Around line 405: Expected '=item *'Around line 409: Expected '=item *'Around line 435: Expected '=item *'Around line 439: Expected '=item *'Around line 443: Expected '=item *'Around line 461: Expected '=item *'Around line 465: Expected '=item *'Around line 479: Expected '=item *'Around line 508: Expected '=item *'Around line 512: Expected '=item *'Around line 559: Expected '=item *'Around line 633: Expected '=item *'Around line 694: Expected '=item *'Around line 698: Expected '=item *' Bio::Polloc-1.0503/lib/Bio/Polloc/RuleSet/ -- Around line 53: Expected text after =item, not a bulletAround line 57: Expected text after =item, not a bullet


Fix the version(s).


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules (this will require perl > 5.6), or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: Bio::Polloc, Bio::Polloc::Genome, Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria, Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator, Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::bool, Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::cons, Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::num, Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::seq, Bio::Polloc::LociGroup, Bio::Polloc::Locus::amplicon, Bio::Polloc::Locus::composition, Bio::Polloc::Locus::crispr, Bio::Polloc::Locus::extend, Bio::Polloc::Locus::generic, Bio::Polloc::Locus::pattern, Bio::Polloc::Locus::repeat, Bio::Polloc::LocusI, Bio::Polloc::LocusIO, Bio::Polloc::LocusIO::gff3, Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Config, Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Error, Bio::Polloc::Polloc::IO, Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Root, Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Version, Bio::Polloc::Rule::boolean, Bio::Polloc::Rule::composition, Bio::Polloc::Rule::crispr, Bio::Polloc::Rule::pattern, Bio::Polloc::Rule::profile, Bio::Polloc::Rule::repeat, Bio::Polloc::Rule::tandemrepeat, Bio::Polloc::RuleI, Bio::Polloc::RuleIO, Bio::Polloc::RuleSet::cfg, Bio::Polloc::Typing::bandingPattern, Bio::Polloc::Typing::bandingPattern::amplification, Bio::Polloc::TypingI, Bio::Polloc::TypingIO, Bio::Polloc::TypingIO::cfg


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Bio::Polloc Perl library for Polymorphic Loci Analyses 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Genome A group of sequences from the same organism 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria Rules to group loci 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator An acillary object for Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::bool A boolean operator 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::cons A constant 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::num A numeric operator 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::seq A sequence operator 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::LociGroup A group of loci 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::amplicon An amplification product 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::composition A composition feature 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::crispr A CRISPR locus 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::extend A feature based on another one 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::generic An unknown feature 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::pattern A loci matching a pattern. 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Locus::repeat A repetitive locus 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::LocusI Interface of C<Bio::Polloc::Locus::*> objects 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::LocusIO I/O interface of C<Bio::Polloc::Locus::*> objects 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::LocusIO::gff3 A LocusIO for Gff3 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Config Handles .cfg files 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Error Errors handler for the Bio::Polloc::* packages 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::IO I/O interface for the Bio::Polloc::* packages 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Root 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Version Provides central package-wide version 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::boolean A rule of type boolean operator 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::composition A rule of type composition 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::crispr A rule of type CRISPR 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::pattern A rule determined by a pattern 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::profile A rule of type profile 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::repeat A rule of type repeat 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Rule::tandemrepeat A rule of type tandemrepeat 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::RuleI Generic rules interface 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::RuleIO I/O interface for the sets of rules (L<Bio::Polloc::RuleI>) 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::RuleSet::cfg Implementation of Bio::Polloc::RuleIO for .cfg files 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Typing::bandingPattern banding-pattern-based methods for typing assessment 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::Typing::bandingPattern::amplification banding-pattern-based methods for typing assessment using amplification 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::TypingI Generic typing interface 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::TypingIO I/O interface for genotyping methods (L<Bio::Polloc::TypingI>) 1.0503 metacpan
Bio::Polloc::TypingIO::cfg Implementation of Bio::Polloc::TypingIO for .cfg files 1.0503 metacpan

Other Files

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