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Name Abstract Version View
Regexp::Common Provide commonly requested regular expressions 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::CC provide patterns for credit card numbers. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::SEN provide regexes for Social-Economical Numbers. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI provide patterns for URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC1035 Definitions from RFC1035; 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC1738 Definitions from RFC1738; 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC1808 Definitions from RFC1808; 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC2384 Definitions from RFC2384; 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC2396 Definitions from RFC2396; 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::RFC2806 Definitions from RFC2806; 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::fax Returns a pattern for fax URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::file Returns a pattern for file URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::ftp Returns a pattern for FTP URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::gopher Returns a pattern for gopher URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::http Returns a pattern for HTTP URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::news Returns a pattern for file URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::pop Returns a pattern for POP URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::prospero Returns a pattern for prospero URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::tel Returns a pattern for telephone URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::telnet Returns a pattern for telnet URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::tv Returns a pattern for tv URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::URI::wais Returns a pattern for WAIS URIs. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::_support 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::balanced provide regexes for strings with balanced parenthesized delimiters or arbitrary delimiters. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::comment provide regexes for comments. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::delimited provides a regex for delimited strings 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::lingua provide regexes for language related stuff. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::list provide regexes for lists 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::net provide regexes for IPv4 addresses. 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::number provide regexes for numbers 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::profanity provide regexes for profanity 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::whitespace provides a regex for leading or trailing whitescape 2016060801 metacpan
Regexp::Common::zip provide regexes for postal codes. 2016060801 metacpan


Name File View
Regexp::Common::Entry lib/Regexp/Common.pm metacpan

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