Kwalitee Issues

No Core Issues.


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: v0.0.1,v0.1.1,v0.10.1,v0.10.2,v0.11.2


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
LWP::Iterator::UserAgent a non-blocking LWP iterator v0.0.1 metacpan
List::History a previous/current/next list of objects v0.10.1 metacpan
MultiTask::Manager work a group of minions until they are dead v0.10.1 metacpan
MultiTask::Minion a worker v0.10.1 metacpan
Regexp::PosIterator a regular expression iterator v0.10.1 metacpan
Wx::MozillaBrowser metacpan
WxPerl::MenuMaker create and manage linked menus and toolbars v0.10.1 metacpan
WxPerl::MenuMap An object to introspect a Wx::Menu v0.10.1 metacpan
WxPerl::ShortCuts shorter constants v0.10.1 metacpan
WxPerl::TreeCtrlMapped a more reasonably perlish wxTreeCtrl v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr toplevel data/environment for dotReader v0.11.2 metacpan
dtRdr::Accessor generate an accessor subclass v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::AnnoSelection metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation base class for Note, Bookmark, and Highlight objects v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::IO Base class for annotation I/O v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::IO::YAML read/write annotations from/to yml files v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::IOBlob hash reference scrubber v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::IOBlob::Public metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::Range range-derived annotations v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::Sync::Standard standard server sync v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::SyncRules rules engine v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Annotation::Trait::Boundless mixin methods for boundless annotations v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::AnnotationMeta::Public metacpan
dtRdr::Book base and factory class for books v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0 unpacked ThoutBook reader v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Base shared stuff v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Metadata metacpan
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Traits shared methods v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0_jar zipped Thout 1.0 book plugin v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Book::Zombie metacpan
dtRdr::Book::Zombie::TOC metacpan
dtRdr::BookBag a bag of books v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::BookUtil::AnnoInsert XML parse/populate v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Bookmark bookmarked locations v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Callbacks::Book the callbacks object for books v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Config configuration storage v0.1.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Config::YAMLConfig a config file v0.10.2 metacpan
dtRdr::ConfigData::LibraryInfo metacpan
dtRdr::ConfigData::Server metacpan
dtRdr::GUI GUI-agnostic data v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BVManager a container of sorts v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BookTree treectrl subclass v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BookView view of an open book v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BookmarkTree treectrl subclass v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::License the license dialog box v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::Password password dialog v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::Password0 re TextEntryDialog v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::SyncSettings Sync setup dialog v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::SyncSettings0 layout for sync settings v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Frame base class for the main frame v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Frame0 layout for toplevel frame v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::HighlightTree treectrl subclass v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::LibraryTree the sidebar libraries tree v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteEditor was once autogenerated code v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteEditor0 v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteTree treectrl subclass v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteViewer a special Wx::Panel v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Plugins plugins for the wx gui v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::SearchPane the search pane v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::SearchTree display search results as a tree v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Sidebar everything in the sidebar v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::State an object to hold state v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::TextViewer popup text viewer with clipboard v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::TextViewer0 was once autogenerated code v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Tree::AnnoBase base class for sidebar annotation trees v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Tree::Base base class for sidebar trees v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Utils wx shortcut functions v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::HTMLShim::WxHTML a cross-platform widget without css v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::HTMLShim::WxMozilla a linux-only widget shim v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::HTMLWidget Generic HTML widget interface v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::HTMLWidget::Shared selectively shared code v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Hack self-documenting adaptive finger-wagging global vars v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Highlight highlighted ranges v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Library library class frontend/base v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Library::YAMLLibrary a library in yaml v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::LibraryData::BookInfo metacpan
dtRdr::Location location objects v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Logger global logging v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Logger::Appender::File Log::Log4perl::Appender::File subclass v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Metadata::Book metadata for books v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Metadata::Book::annotation_server metacpan
dtRdr::Note notes attached to locations v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::NoteThread an n-ary tree of notes v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::PluginHelpers::Data DATA_DIR and FIND_FILE class methods v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Plugins plugin system frontend v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Plugins::Base base class for plugin backends v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Plugins::Book Handle book plugins v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Plugins::Library handle library plugins v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Range a pair of dtRdr::Location objects v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Search::Book Search a book v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Search::Result an object v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Search::Result::Book metacpan
dtRdr::Selection a public selection object v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::String::Splicer substr that skips spaces v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::TOC a linked Table of Contents tree v0.0.1 metacpan
dtRdr::Traits::Class shared OO stuff v0.10.1 metacpan
dtRdr::User v0.1.1 metacpan
dtRdr::UserAgent Custom LWP::Iterator::UserAgent v0.0.1 metacpan

Other Files

Build.PL metacpan
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MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan
README metacpan
example_plugins/InfoButton/InfoButton.MANIFEST metacpan