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Error: OBO::APO::APO_ID, OBO::APO::APO_ID_Term_Map, OBO::Core::Instance, OBO::XO::OBO_ID, OBO::XO::OBO_ID_Term_Map


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Name Abstract Version View
OBO::APO::APO_ID A module for describing Application Ontology (APO) identifiers. Its idspace, subnamespace and localID are stored. metacpan
OBO::APO::APO_ID_Set An implementation of a set of OBO::APO::APO_ID objects. metacpan
OBO::APO::APO_ID_Term_Map A map between APO IDs and term names. metacpan
OBO::APO::GoaAssociation A GOA association record. metacpan
OBO::APO::GoaAssociationSet A GoaAssociationSet implementation metacpan
OBO::APO::GoaToRDF A GOA associations to RDF converter. metacpan
OBO::APO::NCBIToRDF A NCBI taxonomy dump to RDF converter. metacpan
OBO::APO::SwissProtToRDF A SwissProt to RDF converter. metacpan
OBO::Core::Dbxref metacpan
OBO::Core::Def metacpan
OBO::Core::IDspace metacpan
OBO::Core::Instance metacpan
OBO::Core::Ontology 1.45 metacpan
OBO::Core::Relationship metacpan
OBO::Core::RelationshipType metacpan
OBO::Core::SubsetDef metacpan
OBO::Core::Synonym metacpan
OBO::Core::SynonymTypeDef metacpan
OBO::Core::Term metacpan
OBO::Parser::GoaParser metacpan
OBO::Parser::IntActParser metacpan
OBO::Parser::NCBIParser A NCBI taxonomy to OBO translator. metacpan
OBO::Parser::OBOParser metacpan
OBO::Parser::OWLParser metacpan
OBO::Parser::UniProtParser metacpan
OBO::Util::DbxrefSet metacpan
OBO::Util::IDspaceSet metacpan
OBO::Util::InstanceSet metacpan
OBO::Util::Map metacpan
OBO::Util::ObjectIdSet metacpan
OBO::Util::ObjectSet metacpan
OBO::Util::Ontolome metacpan
OBO::Util::RelationshipTypeSet metacpan
OBO::Util::Set metacpan
OBO::Util::SubsetDefMap metacpan
OBO::Util::SynonymSet metacpan
OBO::Util::SynonymTypeDefSet metacpan
OBO::Util::TermSet metacpan
OBO::XO::OBO_ID metacpan
OBO::XO::OBO_ID_Set metacpan
OBO::XO::OBO_ID_Term_Map metacpan

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