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Name Abstract Version View
App::QuoteCC Take a quote file and emit a standalone program that spews a random quote 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Input::Fortune Read quotes from a L<fortune(1)> file 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Input::Text Read newline delimited quotes 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Input::YAML Read quotes from a YAML file with L<YAML::XS> 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Output::C Emit quotes in C format 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Output::Lua Emit quotes in Lua format 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Output::Perl Emit quotes in Perl format 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Role::Input A role representing a L<App::QuoteCC> input format 0.10 metacpan
App::QuoteCC::Role::Output A role representing a L<App::QuoteCC> output format 0.10 metacpan

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