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Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Name Abstract Version View
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Captcha plugin to utilize security images (captchas) 1.001002 metacpan
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::ImageGallery CRUD-like plugin for managing images. 1.001002 metacpan
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::ImageResize Plugin to resize images 1.001002 metacpan
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::RandomPasswordGenerator easily generate random passwords with an option to use md5_hex from Digest::MD5 on them 1.001002 metacpan
App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Search::Indexer plugin that incorporates Search::Indexer module's functionality 1.001002 metacpan
App::ZofCMS::PluginBundle::Naughty a collection of ZofCMS plugins that are troublesome to install 1.001002 metacpan

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