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Error: Asterisk-LCR-0.08/lib/Asterisk/ -- Around line 186: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'rates ]'. Assuming UTF-8


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Name Abstract Version View
Asterisk::LCR Least Cost Routing for Asterisk 0.08 metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Comparer Generic Route Comparer for Asterisk::LCR metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Comparer::Dummy Dummy Route Comparer for Asterisk::LCR metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Comparer::XERAND More advanced rate comparer for Asterisk::LCR metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Dialer Generic dialer object metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Dialer::MinCost metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Dialer::MinTime metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Importer Provider's rates importer base class metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Importer::CanonicalCSV metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Importer::NuFone metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Importer::PlainVoip metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Importer::RichMedium metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Importer::VoIPJet metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Locale metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Object metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Route Route objects for Asterisk::LCR metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Storage metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Storage::DiskBlob metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Storage::DiskStatic metacpan
Asterisk::LCR::Storage::MyRoutes metacpan

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MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan
README metacpan