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Name Abstract Version View
BusyBird a multi-level Web-based timeline viewer 0.12 metacpan
BusyBird::Config configuration holder for BusyBird metacpan
BusyBird::Filter common utilities about status filters metacpan
BusyBird::Filter::Twitter filters for statuses imported from Twitter metacpan
BusyBird::Flow CPS data flow with concurrency regulation metacpan
BusyBird::Input::Generator status generator metacpan
BusyBird::Log simple logging infrastructure for BusyBird metacpan
BusyBird::Main main application object of BusyBird metacpan
BusyBird::Main::PSGI PSGI controller for BusyBird::Main metacpan
BusyBird::Main::PSGI::View view renderer for BusyBird::Main metacpan
BusyBird::Runner BusyBird process runner metacpan
BusyBird::SafeData a wrapper of a complex data structure to access its internals safely metacpan
BusyBird::StatusStorage interface for status storage objects metacpan
BusyBird::StatusStorage::Common common partial implementation of StatusStorage metacpan
BusyBird::StatusStorage::Memory Simple status storage in the process memory metacpan
BusyBird::StatusStorage::SQLite status storage in SQLite database metacpan
BusyBird::Test::StatusStorage Test routines for StatusStorage metacpan
BusyBird::Timeline a timeline object in BusyBird metacpan
BusyBird::Util utility functions for BusyBird metacpan
BusyBird::Watcher interface for watcher objects metacpan
BusyBird::Watcher::Aggregator metacpan

Other Files

Build.PL metacpan
Changes metacpan
MANIFEST metacpan
META.json metacpan
META.yml metacpan
cpanfile metacpan