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Error: Cache-Ref-0.02/lib/Cache/Ref/ -- Around line 172: alternative text '' contains non-escaped | or /


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Name Abstract Version View
Cache::Ref Memory only cache of live references 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::CAR CLOCK with Adaptive Replacement 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::CAR::Base base clase for CAR and CART 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::CART CAR with temporal filtering 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::CLOCK CLOCK cache replacement algorithm 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::CLOCK::Base 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::FIFO 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::GCLOCK GCLOCK cache replacement algorithm 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::LIFO Saves entries until full, discarding subsequent sets. 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::LRU Least recently used expiry policy 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Null Caches nothing 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Random 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Role::API 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Role::Index 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Role::WithDoublyLinkedList 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Util::LRU::API 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Util::LRU::Array 0.02 metacpan
Cache::Ref::Util::LRU::List 0.02 metacpan

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