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Name Abstract Version View
Config::MVP multivalue-property package-oriented configuration 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Assembler multivalue-property config-loading state machine 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Assembler::WithBundles a role to make assemblers expand bundles 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Error common exceptions class 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Reader object to read config from storage into an assembler 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Reader::Findable a config class that Config::MVP::Reader::Finder can find 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Reader::Findable::ByExtension a Findable Reader that looks for files by extension 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Reader::Finder a reader that finds an appropriate file 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Reader::Hash a reader that tries to cope with a plain old hashref 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Section one section of an MVP configuration sequence 2.200013 metacpan
Config::MVP::Sequence an ordered set of named configuration sections 2.200013 metacpan

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