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Name Abstract Version View
Config::Model a framework to validate, migrate and edit configuration files 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Annotation Read and write configuration annotations 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::AnyId Base class for hash or list element 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::AnyThing Base class for configuration tree item 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::Any Virtual class for other backends 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::CdsFile Read and write config as a Cds data structure 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::Fstab Read and write config from fstab file 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::IniFile Read and write config as a INI file 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::Json Read and write config as a JSON data structure 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::PerlFile Read and write config as a Perl data structure 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile Read and write config as plain file 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar Read and write config as a C<SHELLVAR> data structure 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::BackendMgr Load configuration node on demand 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::BackendTrackOrder Track read order of elements from configuration 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::CheckList Handle check list element 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Describe Provide a description of a node element 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::DumpAsData Dump configuration content as a perl data structure 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Dumper Serialize data of config tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Exception Exception mechanism for configuration model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::FuseUI Fuse virtual file interface for Config::Model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::HashId Handle hash element for configuration model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::IdElementReference Refer to id element(s) and extract keys 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Instance Instance of configuration tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Iterator Iterates forward or backward a configuration tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::ListId Handle list element for configuration model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Lister List available models and applications 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Loader Load serialized data into config tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Node Class for configuration tree node 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::ObjTreeScanner Scan config tree and perform call-backs for each element or node 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Report Reports data from config tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::ComputeFunction compute &index or &element functions 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::Constants Provide some constant data. 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::FileHandler role to read or write configuration files 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::Grab Role to grab data from elsewhere in the tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::HelpAsText Translate element help from pod to text 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::NodeLoader Load Node element in configuration tree 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::Utils Provide some utilities 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Role::WarpMaster register and trigger a warped element 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::SearchElement Search an element in a configuration model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::SimpleUI Simple interface for Config::Model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::TermUI Interactive command line interface for cme 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::TreeSearcher Search tree for match in value, description... 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::TypeConstraints Mouse type constraints for Config::Model 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Utils::GenClassPod generate pod documentation from configuration models 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Value Strongly typed configuration value 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude Include a sub layer configuration 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::ValueComputer Provides configuration value computation 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::WarpedNode Node that change config class properties 2.152 metacpan
Config::Model::Warper Warp tree properties 2.152 metacpan


Name File View
Config::Model::Exception::AncestorClass lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Any lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::ConfigFile lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::ConfigFile::Missing lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Fatal lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Formula lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Internal lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Load lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::LoadData lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Model lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::ModelDeclaration lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::ObsoleteElement lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::Syntax lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::UnavailableElement lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::UnknownElement lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::UnknownId lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::User lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::WarpError lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::WrongType lib/Config/Model/ metacpan
Config::Model::Exception::WrongValue lib/Config/Model/ metacpan

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