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Data::ModeMerge Merge two nested data structures, with merging modes and options 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Config Data::ModeMerge configuration 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::ADD Handler for Data::ModeMerge ADD merge mode 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::Base Base class for Data::ModeMerge mode handler 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::CONCAT Handler for Data::ModeMerge CONCAT merge mode 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::DELETE Handler for Data::ModeMerge DELETE merge mode 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::KEEP Handler for Data::ModeMerge KEEP merge mode 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::NORMAL Handler for Data::ModeMerge NORMAL merge mode 0.360 metacpan
Data::ModeMerge::Mode::SUBTRACT Handler for Data::ModeMerge SUBTRACT merge mode 0.360 metacpan

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