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List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • ElasticSearchX::Model::Document
  • Moose


Name Abstract Version View
ElasticSearchX::Model::Generator Create a suite of ESX::Model classes from an existing mapping. v0.1.8 metacpan
ElasticSearchX::Model::Generator::AttributeGenerator Generator that emits 'has' declarations for type properties. v0.1.8 metacpan
ElasticSearchX::Model::Generator::DocumentGenerator Moose Class generation back end for Documents/Types. v0.1.8 metacpan
ElasticSearchX::Model::Generator::Generated::Attribute Result container for a generated attribute v0.1.8 metacpan
ElasticSearchX::Model::Generator::Generated::Document A Generated C<ESX> Document Model. v0.1.8 metacpan
ElasticSearchX::Model::Generator::TypenameTranslator Transform upstream type/document names to downstream Package/Class/File names. v0.1.8 metacpan

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