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Name Abstract Version View
Chj::Backtrace metacpan
Chj::BinHexOctDec metacpan
Chj::BuiltinTypePredicates metacpan
Chj::CPAN::ModulePODUrl get module POD url on metacpan metacpan
Chj::Class::Array array based perl objects (deprecated) metacpan
Chj::Class::methodnames metacpan
Chj::Destructor metacpan
Chj::HTTP::Daemon a simple http server class (modified HTTP::Daemon) metacpan
Chj::IO::Command metacpan
Chj::IO::CommandCommon metacpan
Chj::IO::Dir metacpan
Chj::IO::File metacpan
Chj::IO::Pipe metacpan
Chj::IO::PipelessCommand metacpan
Chj::IO::Tempdir metacpan
Chj::IO::Tempfile metacpan
Chj::IO::WrappedFile metacpan
Chj::IsPerl metacpan
Chj::Linux::LmSensors metacpan
Chj::NamespaceClean metacpan
Chj::NamespaceCleanAbove metacpan
Chj::Package::OfPath metacpan
Chj::Packages metacpan
Chj::Serialize metacpan
Chj::TEST metacpan
Chj::TerseDumper metacpan
Chj::Unix::Exitcode metacpan
Chj::Unix::Signal metacpan
Chj::Util::AskYN metacpan
Chj::chompspace metacpan
Chj::constructorexporter metacpan
Chj::noTEST metacpan
Chj::pp pretty printing as a debugging help metacpan
Chj::ruse reload modules metacpan
Chj::singlequote metacpan
Chj::singlequote::t tests for Chj::singlequote metacpan
Chj::tempdir metacpan
Chj::time_this benchmarking function that also returns the result(s) metacpan
Chj::xIO some IO utilities metacpan
Chj::xIOUtil exception-throwing I/O utilities metacpan
Chj::xhome metacpan
Chj::xopen metacpan
Chj::xopendir metacpan
Chj::xoutpipe metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::t tests for Chj::xperlfunc metacpan
Chj::xpipe metacpan
Chj::xtmpfile metacpan
FP::AST::Perl abstract syntax tree for representing Perl code metacpan
FP::Abstract::Compare comparison protocol metacpan
FP::Abstract::Equal equality protocol metacpan
FP::Abstract::Id identity protocol metacpan
FP::Abstract::Interface protocol for an interface metacpan
FP::Abstract::Map functional map protocol metacpan
FP::Abstract::Pure functional purity protocol metacpan
FP::Abstract::Sequence functional sequence protocol metacpan
FP::Abstract::Sequence::t tests for FP::Abstract::Sequence metacpan
FP::Abstract::Show data constructor protocol metacpan
FP::Array pure functions to work with native Perl arrays metacpan
FP::Array::Mixin metacpan
FP::Array_sort 'sensible' sorting setup metacpan
FP::BigInt metacpan
FP::Carp report to immediate caller metacpan
FP::Char functions to handle individual characters metacpan
FP::Cmp 3-way comparison helpers metacpan
FP::Collection metacpan
FP::Combinators function combinators metacpan
FP::Combinators2 more function combinators metacpan
FP::Currying metacpan
FP::DBI DBI with results as lazy lists metacpan
FP::Div various pure functions metacpan
FP::Docstring metacpan
FP::Docstring::t tests for FP::Docstring metacpan
FP::DumperEqual equality metacpan
FP::Either keep two kinds of values in one kind of place metacpan
FP::Equal generic equality comparison metacpan
FP::Equal::t tests for FP::Equal metacpan
FP::Failure failure values metacpan
FP::Git::Repository metacpan
FP::Hash metacpan
FP::HashSet set operations for hash tables metacpan
FP::IOStream metacpan
FP::Id metacpan
FP::Interface implement an interface metacpan
FP::Interfaces implement interfaces metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules metacpan
FP::JSON metacpan
FP::Lazy lazy evaluation (delayed evaluation, promises) metacpan
FP::Lazy::t tests for FP::Lazy metacpan
FP::List singly linked (purely functional) lists metacpan
FP::List::t metacpan
FP::Memoizing a functional memoize metacpan
FP::Mixin::Utils utility methods metacpan
FP::MutableArray metacpan
FP::Ops function wrappers around Perl ops metacpan
FP::Optional dealing with optional values metacpan
FP::OrderedCollection metacpan
FP::Path metacpan
FP::Path::t metacpan
FP::Predicates metacpan
FP::PureArray metacpan
FP::PureArray::t tests for FP::PureArray metacpan
FP::PureHash metacpan
FP::RegexMatch metacpan
FP::Repl read-eval-print loop metacpan
FP::Repl::AutoTrap use FP::Repl::Trap on tty, Chj::Backtrace otherwise metacpan
FP::Repl::Dependencies hack to load Repl dependencies metacpan
FP::Repl::Repl read-eval-print loop metacpan
FP::Repl::Stack metacpan
FP::Repl::StackPlus Stack including lexical variables metacpan
FP::Repl::Trap metacpan
FP::Repl::WithRepl metacpan
FP::Repl::corefuncs metacpan
FP::Show give (nice) code representation for debugging purposes metacpan
FP::Show::t metacpan
FP::SortedPureArray metacpan
FP::Stream lazily generated, singly linked (purely functional) lists metacpan
FP::StrictList an FP::List that enforces list semantics metacpan
FP::Struct classes for functional perl metacpan
FP::Struct::Equal automatic Equal protocol implementation metacpan
FP::Struct::Show automatic Show protocol implementation metacpan
FP::Text::CSV functional interface to Text::CSV metacpan
FP::Trampoline tail call optimization without reliance on goto metacpan
FP::TransparentLazy lazy evaluation with transparent evaluation metacpan
FP::Trie purely functional prefix tree metacpan
FP::Trie::t tests for FP::Trie metacpan
FP::Untainted functional untainting metacpan
FP::Values utilities to work with Perl's multiple values ("lists") metacpan
FP::Weak utilities to weaken references metacpan
FP::Weak::t tests for FP::Weak metacpan
FP::autobox metacpan
FP::fix recurse with the fix point combinator metacpan
FP::noLazy make lazy syntax non-lazy metacpan
FP::url_ metacpan
FunctionalPerl functional programming in Perl 0.072076 metacpan
PXML functional XML handling, general functions metacpan
PXML::Element base class for PXML elements metacpan
PXML::HTML5 metacpan
PXML::Preserialize faster PXML templating through preserialization metacpan
PXML::Preserialize::t tests for PXML::Preserialize metacpan
PXML::SVG metacpan
PXML::Serialize metacpan
PXML::Serialize::t tests for PXML::Serialize metacpan
PXML::Tags metacpan
PXML::Util utility functions for PXML trees metacpan
PXML::XHTML metacpan


Name File View
Chj::Linux::LmSensors::Measurement lib/Chj/Linux/ metacpan
Chj::Linux::LmSensors::Selector lib/Chj/Linux/ metacpan
Chj::Linux::LmSensors::Value lib/Chj/Linux/ metacpan
Chj::Linux::LmSensors::ValueBase lib/Chj/Linux/ metacpan
Chj::Linux::LmSensors::ValueGroup lib/Chj/Linux/ metacpan
Chj::Linux::LmSensors::ValueNA lib/Chj/Linux/ metacpan
Chj::Serializable::Closure lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::Serialize::Closure lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::TEST::Result lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::TEST::Test::Builder lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::Unix::Exitcode::Exitcode lib/Chj/Unix/ metacpan
Chj::_::Destructor lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::ruse::Reload lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::Getgrnam lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::Getpwnam lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::mtimed lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::tmpdir lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::xlocaltime lib/Chj/ metacpan
Chj::xperlfunc::xstat lib/Chj/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::App lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::AppP lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::ArrayVar lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::CodeVar lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Comma lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Expr lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Get lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Glob lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::HashVar lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Let lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Literal lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Noop lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Number lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Ref lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::ScalarVar lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Semicolon lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::String lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Value lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::Perl::Var lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::AST::_::Perl lib/FP/AST/ metacpan
FP::DBI::Row lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::DBI::db lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::DBI::st lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Either::Left lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Either::Right lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Failure::Abstract::Message lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Failure::Failure lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Failure::Message lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Failure::MessageFmt lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Hash::Mixin lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::ACondition lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Actions lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::AnAction lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Base lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Call lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Match lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Multiport lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Protocol lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Return lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Rule lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Iptables::Rules::Rules lib/FP/Iptables/ metacpan
FP::Lazy::AnyPromise lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Lazy::Promise lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Lazy::PromiseLight lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Lazy::PromiseLightBase lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::List::List lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::List::Null lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::List::Pair lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::PureArray::_Test lib/FP/PureArray/ metacpan
FP::PureArray::autobox lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::PureHash::autobox lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Repl::Repl::StackPlusFrame lib/FP/Repl/ metacpan
FP::Repl::StackFrame lib/FP/Repl/ metacpan
FP::StrictList::List lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::StrictList::Null lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::StrictList::Pair lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::TransparentLazy::Promise lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::TransparentLazy::PromiseLight lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Trie::BareLevel lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Trie::KeyNotFoundException lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Trie::Trie lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::Trie::ValueLevel lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::_::Collection lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::_::Either lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::_::MutableArray lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::_::PureArray lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::_::PureHash lib/FP/ metacpan
FP::_::SortedPureArray lib/FP/ metacpan
PXML::Body lib/ metacpan
PXML::PSVG lib/PXML/ metacpan
PXML::Preserialize::Argument lib/PXML/ metacpan
PXML::Preserialize::Serialized lib/PXML/ metacpan
PXML::_::XHTML lib/PXML/ metacpan

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MANIFEST metacpan
META.json metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan metacpan