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Name Abstract Version View
Games::Nintendo::Mario a class for jumping Italian plumbers 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::Hearts a superclass for Italian plubmers who can take a beating 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::NSMB a class for stylus-enabled Italian plumbers 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::NSMB::Wii a class for Italian plumbers who wave their hands around 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::SMB a class for mushroom-eating Italian plumbers 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::SMB2 a class for vegetable-throwing Italian plumbers (and friends) 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::SMB3 a class for fuzzy-tailed Italian plumbers 0.208 metacpan
Games::Nintendo::Mario::SMBTLL a class for long-lost Italian plumbers 0.208 metacpan

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