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Name Abstract Version View
HTML::Widget::Factory churn out HTML widgets 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin base class for HTML widgets 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Attrs an HTML attribute string 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Button a button for clicking 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Checkbox it's either [ ] or [x] 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Image an image object 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Input the most basic input widget 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Link a hyperlink 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Multiselect widget for multiple selections from a list 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Password for SECRET input 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Radio a widget for sets of radio buttons 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Select a widget for selection from a list 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Submit for submit type inputs 0.204 metacpan
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Textarea a widget for a large text entry box 0.204 metacpan

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